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Im new on this forum and im gonna go to visit Jakarta in december for 3 weeks. Im gonna stay in a kos-kosan so maybe u heard about this kind of place and i would like u tell me how it is? I don't want to stay in a big hotel coz to be honest its really expensive and im still student so :p

I have an other question and i hope to dont bothered u with that. i wonder if its so hard to find a stage in jakarta for a foreigner. im gonna finish my studies in 1 year and i would like to go there for a while to know this place better.
I already checked for a work and i saw that there are many works in my field but i forgot this idea coz its really hard to go to work in here and i don't speak indonesian. So for a first time it would be more easy to find a stage and i could have the opportunity to learn some basics in indonesian.
I'm french but i live actually in Canada and i finish a master in Information Technology after got a first degree in informatic. Im gonna have the SAP certification too before the end of my master.
I dont have so much experience except that i have my company since 2 years in canada and develop softwares and websites using different languages and databases but its more a work in side of university than a full time work.
So I would just apreciate u tell me if the idea to find a stage in Information technology in Jakarta is a realistic idea or no.

Thx a lot for reading me and have a good day.

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Title changed to something more clear to other visitors.

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I don't really understand what you really want to know, but I hope this sites will be helpful: and


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Hi, well it was what i was looking for.
Thx a lot for ur reply and sorry for the title, it was my first post so i thought about say hi before asking questions.

Have a good day

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