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Hi, my name is Gillian and i would love to hear from anyone who could possibly help me with any information regarding teaching and living in north sulawesi. I would like some help getting in touch with schools or companies who send people out to this area. i have tried english first and they only send to Makassar. my heart is absolutely set on minahasa region as i want to live near bunaken for the diving too. i will be a qualified english, french and german teacher in june 2006 and am looking to go out directly once qualified. I also have experience teaching 2 years. Can anyone help? i have tried looking on dutch websites but don't seem to be getting anywhere. i hear there is an international school in manado? any website address for any schools?
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Yeah, I was here looking for answers to that question, too. Or at least the living part. [not intended as hijack, merely a bump]

Looking for opportunities for renting living space on Sulawesi. Only real 'must-have'-condition is availability of stable high-speed internet.

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did you have more luck on any others sites? i know that i could get info through dutch companies but i don't know which ones or how to find out about them.hmmm, what to do?
no worries-don't feel hijacked and bump away as you put it!!!!!!!!!!
my email is harrisgillianRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user if you want to mail. i would be interested to knwo more about your sulawesi plans. Emoticon: Shiny

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No real plans as of yet. I'm currently at a point in my life where I feel I must do what feels right. Getting out of Europe sounds about as right as it gets to me. Not thinking of burning any bridges though. Just feeling the urge to explore, to have a home base but to roam around. In short, to semi-wander.

Last trip to the Archipelago [two years ago] has left me thirsty and I hope this time to be able to visit more remote places such as Kalimantan, Maluku, Irian Jaya and maybe even PNG, Bougainville and the Philippines. Seeing this circumference, Manado or Makasser seem like the novice's obvious choice for a home base.

Travel would start after Christmas [father's 60th birthday, can't miss that] and would ideally include either an overland journey through India or [even better] a maritime voyage a la [dirty words coming..] VOC to Jakarta. Don't know whether this Romantic Ideal is at all feasible, but i'zz gunna try Emoticon: Wink .

So my plans are quite inchoate for the moment, yet reading up on this forum as well as LP's Thorn Tree helps a lot. Have you checked there?

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