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Hi everybody,

Iím a 22 year old half Dutch half Hungarian girl whoís so in love with this Indonesian guy. Heís from Jakarta but born in Manado (north Sulawesi). I just got back from Jakarta where I spent the most wonderful time of my life. Now itís back to reality in this cold rainy city on the westcoast of Holland. I went to Jakarta with a girlfriend when I met this wonderful, good looking guy.
It was love at first sight. We are so heavily in love and Iím so sure about him, that Iím planning to move to Jakarta. This sounds kind of impulsive but I know heís the one. Girls, you know what i'm talking about... After I finished my economics study next year, Iím going.

This is so far the ďromantic partĒ. Now comes the ďreality partĒ. Please help me on that.

Can you give me some advice? What can I expect when living in Jakarta? Heís 26, catholic, just starting with his own business and living with his parents in South Jakarta. What do you think are the options for me? Maybe I can do some modeling, did oíneill beachwear and unknown Dutch clothing brand before. Or are the agencies in Jakarta not interested in a 1 meter 78 dark blond hair girl? Is it possible to get a work permit or should we first get married? How about my Dutch citizenship? Will I lose it and automatically get the Indonesian when married?

I know...lots of questions. Please forgive me but I need to know what the consequences are, good or bad, when I move to this beautiful country.

Thanks, Terimah kasih banyak.

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Hi, I am taking the liberty of sending you an email to the address you have in your profile.

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ahh i love reading the romance stuff in this forum
there will always be foreigner fallin in love with indonesian Emoticon: Smile
i wish the best for both of u...

ure 178 cm? thats tall, i'm wondering ur boyfriend should be taller?
im trying to give a perspective if u wanna live in jakarta (for foreigner)
i say its very easy for westerners to find a job in jakarta esp if ure university graduate and it seems that this nation really adore westerners in every aspect
so i assume it should be easy for you

modelling,,,thats a good option, probably u can even be an actress,
the industry here are really into "caucassian looking stuff" when they find a talent. there is sumthing ridiculous that some of the actress here like to get married with caucassian so they gonna have "indo/mixed looking" children and so they kids could easily get into the entertainment industry too someday,
pathetic but true

yes u will lose your citizenship when u get married here,unless there is another way

i suppose ur "going to be husband" knows more about this stuff Emoticon: Smile

last,,,there is good and bad living in jakarta
congratulations and be prepared to face the oddities in jakarta
kindly greet the rotten infrastructure,the city mess, and be patient when ure trapped in 6 hours traffic jams hehee



aku tak memiliki cinta, aku hanya memiliki nafsu, telah kubunuh cintaku dan ku kubur dalam-dalam sanubari

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a lot of good info for people who want to live in Indonesia can be found on:

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