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For the first time Dutch soldiers will act in a military mission in Indonesia since the police actions in 1949. (not counting the handover of Dutch new Guinea to the UN in 1962.

Since then the relationship between Holland and Indonesia have been tentioned and Indonesia didn';t tolerate Dutch military on it's Territory. Even after the Tsunami the Indonesian government didn't want Dutch military on it's grounds. Now after the Atjeh peace treaty it looks like something has changed, probably also because the current Dutch minister of foreign affairs has his roots in indonesia and knows everything abou Indonesia.

The (amongst other nationalities) Dutch military are going to control the weapon hand over of the rebels and the withdrawal of the Indonesian army from Atjeh. Lets hope this is a good step of improving the relation between the country on all levels and burying the past.

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Military? I don't think so as far as I can find info here. Just 10 to 12 'monitors' will be installed there.

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They are miltary personell, I agree that it is not much for now,but it is certainly a trendbreach.

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I agree with Jeroen. NO military. The Europien Community will deliver the 'monitors'. They are military and they don't wear military uniforms. You know how the Indonesian still think about the dutch, so it is nonsens that they allow dutch military in the country. And why should the EC want to push ...
So show me the newspaper, please don't come up with the Telegraaf, but come with a real newspaper....
Challange me..

Di Roberto

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Im afraid that you are right, I heared today that the military personell will not wear uniforms, unfortunately. I say this because after the Tsunami when the Dutch government didn;t send military personell because of the "sensitivities" it was a wrong estmation in my opinion. A lot of people just wondered where the Dutch soldiers where to give aid.

It was an excellent opportunity to do something back for the people of atjeh that really suffered in the Dutch colonial wars in the end of the 19th century (more then 100.000 killed) On television, local people wondered where the Dutch soldiers where now the people need them. I think we could have regained alot of goodwill. This now is a second chance to regain thrust and goodwill with the local people. the Dutch should show that they are involved in improving the situation in Atjeh by showing they are Dutch and sending not just 12 monitors, but at least a balalion of 3000 soldiers to stabilize the situation in Atjeh and help the local people rebuilding.

People of Atjeh are still impressed with the Dutch quility in this case. After the Tsunami all Dutch colonial buildings remained in tact (including the famous mosque) , while all modern buildings where destroyed.

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