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From Jakarta Airport, we want to go to Bogor straight away. We'll be arriving in the early evening, so we have limited time to sort things out from the airport or in Bogor. So two questions to make things easier for us:

- how to get to Bogor (bus? taxi? what are the prices?)
- where to stay in Bogor? (Firman, Puri Bali or Ramayana?)


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Arie, what day do you arrive at SH airport? If it is on friday, be aware of huge traffice jams to bogor. It can take as much as 4 hours from Sukarno Hatta to Bogor. If you take a taxi, this could be costly, besides all the time spend. Bus is cheap, but takes as much time as taxi. So when arriving on friday, I suggest you spend one night, or just one evening until late in Jakarta before going to Bogor.
Regards, Johan

Begin de details te vergeten

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The cheapest way to get to Bogor is by the Damri bus that stops near the arrival hall of the airport. I have never stayed in those places you mentioned so I can't say anything. Maybe someone else?.

tunawisma, tunakarya, tunamasalah

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Yes, I was born in Bogor. I think better you take a taxi ( about 125.000 rupiah). I think not so expensive airport to Bogor about 110 km.
If you prepare quit hotel, you can stay by Mirah hotel gunung gede street. This street still tempoe doeloe ( many coniale housee ).
Enjoy than...

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There are a few DAMRI's driving from the airport, its a chaep way to get off the airport. I don't believe there is a DAMRI going to Bogor. One off them is going to busstation east, where you can find bus to Bogor. I think this the best way. Bogor tell about taxi 125.000 Rp, I don't believe so, I believe its more expensive. When this price is treu, oke the taxi would be easier. Make a price ahaed, no meterprice.
I suggest don't take the econimy train. This will be very busy, people going home, and a big change they ripp you off. Even people sitting on the roof, be carefull, hatti-hatti.
Have a good time.

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JohanN: we DO arrive on a friday at about 16.45h... So what time do you suggest we (try to) leave for Bogor from the airport?

Bogor: I will check out that hotel... but isn't 125,000 Rp a bit cheap for this taxi ride as Robert70 already suggested? I remember a taxi ride with a Bluebird taxi last year which lasted abt an hour & it cost me well over 200,000...

Thanks a lot so far, everyone!

Anne Mieke
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On 22-07-2005 14:02 Robert70 wrote:
There are a few DAMRIs driving from the airport, its a chaep way to get off the airport. I dont believe there is a DAMRI going to Bogor.

Believe it or not, there IS a DAMRI going straight and all the way to Bogor.
See the link here above.
As you can read the last service is at 9 pm, so no problem. The "only" problem will be the traffic jam indeed.
We did this trip last year in September for Rp 14.000,00 (in the meantime this had raised a bit) and it took a little less than 2 hours from the airport on a late Saturdaymorning.
In Bogor you will be dropped near the "Highway", close to the southeastern edge of the Botanical Gardens.

Selamat jalan.

Anne Mieke

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Hi Arie,
Robert70, There is a Damri bus right outside the airport arrival doors.
It goes direct to Bogor and has Bogor written on the bus. I catch this bus every December when I fly into Jakarta from Sydney Australia.
The price to Bogor as of Feb 2005 was 14,000 rupiah and it takes about 1.5-2 hrs depending on the traffic. It may have gone up as I think there has been yet another fuel rise since Feb.
Actually I think you will find that the last bus is 9.30 p.m. and that has been confirmed through one of my many guide friends in Bogor, Adang.
By the way if you use the Damri to return to the airport I would leave a good 2-3hrs to get back.
I left very early in Jan 2004 and I am glad I did as it was around Chinese New year and the trip took 3.5 hrs to get to the airport.
My favourite place is Bogor is Pensione Firman run by Wardah a wonderful lady. I have been staying there every year since 2000 and lovely the family atmosphere of the place. The rooms are just simple and prices are about 45,000-55,000 for a room with mandi/toilet included.
What I also love about Firman is the huge verandahs she has upstairs where you can sit and chat with other travellers, read a book or just gaze out at the mountain. It is great place to meet other travellers and I highly recommend it.

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I am back from this night after 1 month travelling in Java and Bali. And it was fantastic!!!
We also arrived at Jakarta on 27 juin 2005 and went straight on to Bogor. We arrived at 16.45 pm at a monday and took a DAMRI bus for 14000 rupiah outside the terminal. You can not miss it. There was a lot of traffic and we needed 3 hours to get there.
We stayed in Firman Pensione. We find it OK, but afterwards it was our 'worst' hotel. We stayed in cheaper places with were better.

Enjoy your stay

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