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Its such a nice coincidence that I stumbled on this chat topic. Since I was introduced to Chrysie by my fiance who lives in Indonesia (she bought me a CD), I fell in love with these particular lyrics from Kisah Kasih Di Sekolah:


The first time I heard that part of the song it made me smile and I still do everytime I hear it. I realized how much it resonates youth and innocence which I hope we all will have experienced at least once in our lifetime. It is expressed so lyrically sweet and poetically the words flow effortlessly into my thoughts.

If only life could always be the way I feel everytime I hear that piece of that song...

Love Life

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dear Akang Lon,

Papppiiiii!!! Emoticon: Worship
Actually, the time you lived in Tasikmalaya is the time when I went to high school (1991-1994). You didn't experience the Tasikmalaya Riot? (December 1996). then.
So you always went by 03 (Kawalu??) Heheeh..and if you say Nagarawangi, it's very near to my Family house, at Veteran (Gunung Gadog). But sadly it has been very very old house and my real 'papi' now lives in Bandung.
So, in your quest for Kerajinan Business, you also went to Rajapolah? No?
And the picture...well, it's very very very familiar...I wonder if people are still do some sport there (besides Gelora Sukapura). Mesjid Agung is always full on Friday for Sholat Jum'at.
Tasikmalaya is a simple and little city, but the weather is awesome.
So you usually stay at Wisma Galunggung, Yudanegara? And you are disappointed due to 'teu aya' nyai-nyai nu nawarkeun 'massage'?
Gee - you may know Tasikmalaya more than I. I spent most of my life there going to school and walk at HZ. Mustofa, or Cihideung..... Emoticon: Frustrated



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Hello Johnny,

During the riots of bulan 12 - 1996 I was in Amsterdam, but soon after I returned to Indo and also to Taziek. The house of my mitra kerja at Jl. Cieunteung was burned down and I had to help him. He was lucky they did not burn down his toko at Jl. Pasar Wetan.

I know Rajapolah, Indihiang (Tikar), Gobras (kelom) Kawalu (Bordir) but in Indonesia I always work with 'antara' as this is cheaper on the long term and more reliable, If orang bule masuk kampung harga-harga barang jadi 5 - 10 kali lipat karena orang barat banyak duit toh.

I am not dissapointed at all with the neng-2 from Tasik, they love to sleep with me and I with them. Emoticon: Blush I have had a few very nice girlfriends from there I will always remember, like Evie from Bojong (Ciamis) and Reni from Ciulang, but I am getting older so I decided to get serius before it is too late. Since 2,5 year I have an anak angkat dari Wates, I pay her study, she wants to become a guru, she has one more year to go for her study. A few months ago she has asked me to marry her and I said yes, but only after long time thinking, because I always saw her as an ABG yang pintar dan lucu. But when I changed my reading glasses for a real one I noticed a very attractive young woman. She will be 21 in September, and does not have much family, she lives with her grandparents. I don't think it is proper with these plans 'main perempuan' apalagi I have had cukup. In a few weeks I will return to Amsterdam and I think my son and cucu will be very angry when they hear the news, but I don't care. My mother of 82 will be very happy.

Taziek is quite famous as many artists from there and the people are also known as rajin and.....tukan kredit. For me it is an important place in my memory.

Here another pic to boost yr nostalgia.

You might notice that at the 'head' of Jl. Mustofa they are building new ruko, they are nearly ready now (the pic is made in April) Jl. Mustofa is getting very luxery nowadays

jorbye Emoticon: Shut up!
Bung Lon

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Dear Kang Lon,

Selamat berbahagia yaaaa! That's good that you respect marriage and she must be a good teacher and a fine woman! Wates, so she must be a Javanese. Once again, congratulation..... Emoticon: Yes!
Yeah, if you directly come to the maker of the handicrafts, well, it must be very expensive. Orang londo banyak duit!!!
OOOh Londoh,...don't evoke my memory too much. Why can't we just bury the past?? Emoticon: Clown
I used to think that HZ Mustofa street is very very big (when I was a little kid). The city is full of memories, and every corner was unbearably familiar. Some memories are sweet, some are bitter. But one cannot feel the sweetness when he can't feel the bitterness.
The riot in Tasikmalaya - the reason was very awkward, and never related to the shops and the Chinese. So your partner must be a Chinese, if his shop was burned down. I wasn't there either. Early morning of the D-day, my family went to Bandung, and just knew that there was a riot after we watched TV in Bandung.
By the way, we talked about this in Kris Dayanti's forum, so I think we have to apologize. Emoticon: Worship
So let me sing one Kris Dayanti's song that I like (I rarely like her songs):

Pergi saja, cintaku pergi..
Bilang saja, pada semua...
Biar semua tahu adanya...
Diriku kini sendiri...

Honestly, for the song 'Menghitung Hari' there are some expression that I need to see further, because it's not understandable, but the song tells about a woman who tells her lover to go and leave her, if his love is not serious to her - for she has been waiting for too long (may be for her marriage??).

Salam semua, Gruces!


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Hi Johnny,

Don't be afraid that our moderator consider our tête-à-tête as off topic, karena dia adalah orang sangat baik, pecinta Indonesia tulen. Emoticon: Bye bye Also if this topic was not here we might have never know that we have something in common, which is actually very special, although in my eyes. We might be the only two persons on this forum that know Tasikmalaya by heart.

I know the reasons why the riots started in Tasik, it was because a few santri were put in custody in the police station. What was funny. I moved in May 1998 to Solo, as you might know the riots of 1998 were worst in Solo (jadi lautan api) I went to Tasik then. I thought there won't be riots there again, I was right.

Yes my partner was Chinese, I always work together with Chinese because they are the bisnis people in Indonesia. But I also have good experiences with people from Madura and Makassar. But bisnis with people from Sunda ato Jowo bikin tetawa.

I have a few things on my site abt Tasik that I will show you.
The bridge over the river Cirahong between Tasik and Ciamis
Horsecarts at the old market in Tasik
These pics I made at Jl. K.H.Z. Mustofa

Kepada Mod forum kita Mas Yerun : Aku minta maaf sebesar-besar mungkin karena off-topic terus,
tapi sudah terbiasa euy. Emoticon: Shiny

Salam dari Solo

Bung Lon

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dear Kang/mas/bung Londoh,

Yes, when there was riot in Solo, I was in Wonosobo (hehehe....KKN = the Go to Village Program). And I was so extremely disappointed that one of my partner in KKN looked satisfied. I never liked any riot. About Tasikmalaya riot, well, lucky (Indonesian people are always lucky) that only my front door was stoned. But we have a very bad house that even without stoning, it has been in very bad condition - old house.
Hehe, the pictures are funny. I never go by delman to everywhere - I went by delman sometimes when I was at KKN. And funny you said about 'Kampung Fesyen' for HZ. I remember there are many shop selling clothes, and some of them are jeans!!! But of course, not as much as Cihampelas Bandung.
heheeh, so you have business with Chinese, Madura, Makassar, Sunda and Jawa. Why doing business with the Sundanese or Javanese made you laugh?
Dear Yerun, I do apologize as well. But it is nice to find 'urang salembur' here.

Warm Regards, gruces, ciao, Mit Freundlichen Grussen, Au revoir,


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Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your answer. I think we better stop here, as always off topic. (Boss jadi marah Emoticon: Angry } I also don't have that much time as I am in the middle of all kind of preparations for "pulang kampung" I will go to Singapore at the start of next month to do some transactions and after I will return to Amsterdam. Sesudah makan nasi selama 10 bulan aku rindu makan roti dan kentang. Maybe in future we can open a topic about Tasik and the Sundanese people, I am sure many of the people here don't know the difference between Sunda dan Jowo.

Bye for now sampai bertemu lagi

Bung Lon

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dear bung Lon,

Have a nice, to make our chatting to be on topic, I will answer in Kris Dayanti's song:

Hanya satu yang tak mungkin kembali
Only one thing that will never come again

Hanya satu yang tak pernah terjadi
Only one thing that will never happen (again?)


Teramat berarti di hatiku
Is so meaningful in my heart


Like my childhood, it's so meaningful, but past never become present...

Sampai ketemu lagi, bung Londoh Amsterdam!!!



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Dear johny So good to read your + londoh 's posts! Unfortunately, though, there are some words in between that only the two of you (plus a hundred people in this forum, except me) know. Anyhow, I enjoy your narrative. For me it's much interesting. I'm learning about your hometown, a part of Indonesia I had never heard of before. Thanks for sharing with us on this forum. Emoticon: Worship

Dear esasmito : That song (Kish Kasih Di Sekolah) means a lot to me too. Passages of my youth in Paraguay, "berbaris" in my mind everytime I listen to it. A few days ago, I downloaded an Ada Band music video, "Yang Terbaik Bagimu". It talks about father and son relationship. I got very emotional with it. Moreover, those songs assure me that this world, with all its peoples, cultures, beliefs, ethnicities are just one. We are one humankind, with the same feelings and dreams. Good to hear from you! Emoticon: Bye bye

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Salam, johny! Since today is Saturday, I had enough time to sit down at the computer and go through the lyrics you posted + English translation. Wow! That's truly an Indonesian language lesson! I'll be studying it throughout the weekend, see the grammar, etc.

Terima kasih for taking time to post it. I appreciate it!

Sampai jumpa lagi!

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dear Wowow my ole buddy!

Always nice to hear from you....
Take care!

Warm Regards


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Krisdayanti's fans, we're preparing a surprise birthday gift for her.

Please leave your birthday message here:

Hope to see you there! Emoticon: Yes!

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Speaking of Kris Dayanti, a huge fan of hers from Jakarta has made a website for the diva for her 31st birthday recently. It's just awesome and chockful of yummy info about KD!

Visit A Malaysian's Outlook on Indonesian Pop Culture! :)

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