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Again , you are reading letterly , because I am not sad or hurt.
You have judge me that I am not honest , why , because I am not A christian or. Hindu . I have no judgement for the 2 reliogion , because who am I to make a judgement.
But you are making some statement and judging the islam (the religion) That is incorrect .But it is your problem , maybe you are in the beginning period in yr search, the first step is always difficult.
Your post 16.56
abt pt 1 : pse read the verse , it is not my idea or interpretation.
pt 2./3/4 : if you read the mentioned verses from the 3 books , you can see some similarities .
But nowadays If you read letterly and act according the some verses as mentioned , than have you a big , big problem.
pt 5 . About a certain arab individual , yes he "used " some verse .
But it doesnot meaning that Islam (or others religion) must be condemned because the act of some individual(s).

About the triple K , the Nazi etc , they are people , group of individuals .
Everyone know that they are wrong , but you are mad if you condemned the christian because the act of some christian individual.

And you are mad if you say Islam is dangerous for the humanity.
. And of course If you think Islam is dangeous because some verses , than you must also think that reliogions like The Christian, The Jews , The Hundu's ALSO dangerous for the humanity.
I can only ask you ,WHO you are ? Saying searcher for truth (which one ?) , condemning reliogion , people . And how will you do that ?
Please read carrefully those books .
Searcher who are you .s.

Bisa dicek mas .

User icon of londoh
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Hi Sid,

Maybe you don't know yet, but it is very fashionable to be anti-Islam, if one is white. Otherwise there might be something wrong with you. The best anti-Islam people are the ones who don't have a religion themselves.

The muslimhater George W. Bush is also Negrohater, he hates everything that is not normal Emoticon: Nice Emoticon: Nice

Pis may be with him Emoticon: Yeah right!


User icon of sidia
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Hi Lon ,
I am only trying to help / explain this young man because he is saying a searher for truth.
As you know I am not weleducated enough and have no knowledge about islam, christianity or hindu 's.
And my terrible Tarzan english give me also problems if I must communicating in english.

Searcher :
about the 72 houri 's .
What can an moderate / normal muslim like me get in the heaven ?


Bisa dicek mas .

User icon of sascha
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Just a point off topic. Maybe its bhs belanda word then forget this but I think u all mean literally not letterly. Just a free tip on ur search for true english Emoticon: Nice

On topic in my opinion there is no need for any religion, they once helped develop humanism that should be enough and everybody should be teached in that.
All Islam brought up was a truelly macho society. From all the big religions islam is the most conservative and undeveloped(followed by our beloved catholic church Emoticon: Bye bye ) . Why does bin laden hate the west? Because its liberal ideas, because woman have (nearly) the same rights, because of human rights and laws that dont come out a some hundred years old book and for sure coca cola Emoticon: Nice
These fundamentalists endanger our freedom, our achievements. Because in danger weak people here also turn to their religion and conservative opinions again, then vote some people like bush, who regresses the human rights and freedom we have.

And Londoh, ur comments get worse by day. Just by the words u use u show that u are not normal > so he will really hate u Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Frustrated
And I really like the "We are the victims" card so many muslims always play. Emoticon: Stupid

User icon of sidia
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Hei Sascha , meine deutsche freund ,

I have never said looking for truth , or serarching for true or correct english.
And I am not judging other for their faith or religion. NO Never.
I know my terrible tarzan english , it is not my language., at least I try to comunicate.
If you think that there is no need for religion (not only islam ) , than is it your choise.
But pse respect other people (milliards) for their faith or religion.
Donot fuck them.
It is mad if people cannot make the difference between individuals and religion.

Bisa dicek mas .

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You don't answer my questions at all. Keep manoevering here and there, like Mohammad Ali, The Boxer. You don't even answer any one of my question, but decide that I am mad because I am against teachings WHICH ENDANGER HUMANITY. And because I
It's you who said that those things shouldn't be interpretated literally. So I ask you, the verse about 'kill/slay the unbeliever' what is the 'non-literal' meaning of it.
Not a single question that is answered. And you even lied when you said 'very sad and hurt'. What is wrong with you?
Just answer me, when the one you said 'other religions' do the terrorism ask, can they quote something from their Holy Books the way Osama Bin Laden said?
But now, I think I have lost my hope that you even want to "think outside the box" and answer my question without trying to manouver here and there.
And once again --> Am I condemning people? You really are almost impossible to talk with. I told you that Moslems in average are nice. It's the teaching that has dangerous substance.
I don't know, but may be it's my English that's so bad that you don't even understand my questions.
You ask me who I am? I am someone who is concerned with so many terrorism in the name of religion, especially Islam. Or do you want my name or address as well? That question will not be answered, because I don't want to end up like Theo Van Gogh.

I have nothing to say to you anymore. To be honest, the forum moderator, Jeroen has reminded me, even has banned me the first time I tried to post, and gave link to the
And he accused me of spamming. I explain to him and he said that at least he doesn't want someone who put a link and go. That's why I talked in this forum. So don't spread lies here.

May be only you can see clearer. You know better about Christianity and you can comment about the verses brought by Sidia. Does it urge you to kill/slay the unbeliever of Jesus? Literally or non-literally? If so, would you ask the Roman Catholic Church to write it off? Because I don't want to get killed. Literally, I don't see that they urged the follower to kill/slay. But Sidia has other interpretation on that.

Tell me brothers and sisters netters, what is the use of religion, if in the end everyone dies???

Find out the real face of Islam, read www.

User icon of sascha
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First, Sidia it was just a joke because of all the searching here. Emoticon: Talk to the hand
And the other is just MY opinion, i tolerate other people(religious or not) just some things can be discussed. I judge religions only by their socio cultural influence not by their teachings as im no expert in any of them.
The first years of my young life i was raised in eastern communist germany where religion where abolished(mostly). It didnt make people worse it also works. And as i dont beleive in heaven or any other life after death i will never become a suicide bomber Emoticon: Puh!

User icon of AnisJ
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'HI-Ho silver' said the 'Lone Ranger',

Why are we scolding oneanother ???
"I think these people are misled, just look at their video !!!"
The real 'setan/g' are people who just use religious matter(s) for their own purpose(s) !!!
"Like God is not able to defend himself".
At the end we, humanbeings, need God more then he needs us ...... we are all
sinners, not more not less ...

Salam s.mua ... Anis.

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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