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Hi everyone - I just received this email from Bronwyn Geddes, a Pulau Weh resident & wife of Bu the dive shop manager. Pulau Weh is open for tourists, and the locals would love to see you. (Personally, I'm looking forward to visiting in Oct or Nov).



Bronwyn's email:

We are now back in Iboih, Pulau Weh after a few months in Australia. It's very nice to be here. Firstly, I want to let you know that for those of you that are interested at all in coming here, there are absolutely no restrictions at all on foreigners entering Aceh. It is just the same as the rest of Indonesia. There are now 5 flights a day between Medan and Banda Aceh which are getting cheaper all the time and the fast ferry between Banda Aceh and Pulau Weh runs twice daily. So getting here is easier than ever. There is plenty of food and accommodation, 2 dive shops are open including Rubiah Tirta here in Iboih and Lumba Lumba in Gapang and the dive sites have not been affected by the tsunami. The locals would love to see tourists back again, it is their livelihood so if you are thinking at all about coming, please do! Also, please pass this message on to anyone else who you think may want to come to Pulau Weh too or who are just interested. There are actually quite a few tourists here already which has really lifted the spirit of the village.

There's still a lot to be done here and that's why we have come back (besides just being a great place to live). We plan to put in some proposals to the NGO's (non government organisations) in Banda Aceh to try to get some more funding for the village, particularly still for the public infrastructure and for private businesses. We do have some money though still ourselves and with this we would really like to do more work on the well (the public shower and washing area) that was recently built and also work on some smaller projects in the village. Personally I plan to do a lot of replanting. Our other big plan is to build a kindergarten for the village children.

Hope to see some of you here soon!

Regards, Bronwyn.

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Juz..been hanging out a bit with Bronwyn and others this last 10 days or so. Very welcoming. Nobody should have any reservations about going there. Some of the local characters are enough reason to visit the place!!

Contrary to some website comments, no "blue book" is required, nor do you need six copies of three pages of your passport. The AdamAir flights from Medan to BA at around $28 are a bargain!!

Another thing worth remembering...the international ATM in Sabang only gives out 500,000 Rupiah at a time, expensive if you're getting charged for each withdrawal. Also, it doesn't work on Visa or LINK - something Nationwide UK users should remember. Get stocked up with cash in Medan or in Banda Aceh where you can get 1.5 million at a time using any of several types of card.

I'm off back to the ferry to PW right now...hope Norma's got a nice cold supply of Tiger waiting for me...on the quiet, of course Emoticon: Yes!

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If anyone is interested to know what progress is happening in Aceh, especially Pulau Weh with one particular NGO have a look at this very inspiring up dated website.
I gave this young woman Katie Pavett and her Achenese husband Ali my donation for the tsunami reconstruction and after viewing this website I am so thrilled I made such a good decision. What they are accomplishing together with the support of many other organisations is truly inspiring.

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Direct link is www

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i am martina, german and i will travel this week nov24th first to banda aceh and then on to pulau weh. could you please give me some information, where in pulau weh i could contact the help organisations? i am very interested! or is anyone of you there? i would like to help or be informed. dont know, how to exactely express it, sorry. in case, you could give me information: please contact ascherl2001Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user or in case, you are in indonesia, my mobile number here is: 0813-81276671

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To let everyone know,I contacted Martina Emoticon: Shiny on her mobile re the email address of mjpolsRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user who lives in Banda Aceh with his Achenese wife and is very willing to help visitors to Banda.
Martine is now in Banda Aceh and has a list of organisations where she can
volunteer from MJ and from other people from

Many diiferent organisations contacted her through her various posts on the different forums, so if anyone wants to do something similar to what Martina is doing in Banda Aceh/Pulau Weh post here and Lonely Planet Thorn Tree and you should get a very good response.

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