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Hello there Emoticon: Smile

I am sorry if i write in English...

I am posting a message here to establish friendship with art students in any university in Netherlands, i hope to seek new friends who would like to correspondence with me, and learn each other arts and culture

Currently i am seeking a scholarship in Netherlands and i am really interested to study fine arts, i have seen some sites like Amsterdam School of the Arts
or HKU in Utrecht but i am still confuse with my destination and the university i am going to apply. I will; also try to apply scholarship from NEC

For the time being i am collecting my portfolio because i heard its very necessary if i present my artworks before i apply for the art school there
if there are any of you who would like to have correspondence with me, i would really appreciate it, or any infos where i should proceed to learn about the univ, the city, the people and the arts education there...anything i need to learn about the Netherlands

while i am preparing these, i would like to make friends as many as i can from now

thanks to to letting me post this message and thank you all
who read it Emoticon: Smile


aku tak memiliki cinta, aku hanya memiliki nafsu, telah kubunuh cintaku dan ku kubur dalam-dalam sanubari

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Hi Ryan!

I would gladly help an artschool from Indonesia! I myself am at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and I'm doing Communication & Multimedia Design. It's all about the digital traffic, so a lot with computers. And next our school is the other art-department.. more physical art, no digital art I believe also fine arts.

I checked out your portfolio at it looks great. You are 100% right that a good portfolio is needed for an application, so you are on the right track! I also had to finish a portfolio in order to apply for internships/jobs etc.

I'm a little bit confused now, are you applying for a scholarship, an internship or would you like to be an exchange student? I know that our school accepts exchange students, but the schoolyear is almost over now. The administration is soon closed, so an application for this new period is too late. And it's the same at all schools in Holland. The new period starts in September already so you're quite late. In the Netherlands it's also possible to start in February, so you have a second chance.

I myself am going to Indonesia the 25th of August until 3rd Februari 2006 to do an internship at a Corporate Marketing company, specialised in Advertising/event management etc. Maybe if you're still there we can meet and maybe I can help you.

For now you can email me at esgerritsRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user or add me on you msn. I would be happy to answer your questions and maybe I am able to help you with the application, maybe at our school, you never know!

I hope I helped you.. Feel free to mail me!

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sorry double posted

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Hello there Kusumauwati! Emoticon: Smile

Thanks for replying my message,
Im looking at your site to learn about you,
actually Kusumawati is the Indonesian name; correctly..
but your name is quite unique! There is Dutch sense in "Kusumauwati"
do u speak any Bahasa at all? Emoticon: Smile

anyway, I would gladly learn more about your school
Im looking for any univ that offers scholarship and or would help
foreigners to study there; I learn some universities are very strict and expensive
I prefer to study fine arts; because thats what my passion is
I am a self taught graphic designer, i feel there visual and digital arts are very "narrow" for me, I dont know, maybe in Netherlands the art education is wider in perspective; in any angle...

I really appreciate if you can help me with some infos, how I can apply for the schools you are in...etc
and if you are coming to Jakarta, i'd like to buy u a drink! Emoticon: Smile

so catch u there... Emoticon: Smile


aku tak memiliki cinta, aku hanya memiliki nafsu, telah kubunuh cintaku dan ku kubur dalam-dalam sanubari

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Hey there!

Kusumauwati is actually the exact name my grandmother gave me, so it's actually spelled that way. I don't know why haha, but I like it though...

And yes I do speak Bahasa but not as fluent as befor.. Since the age of 3 I have been living in holland (Born in Jakarta).. I hope to rediscover my language when i'm in Jakarta the 5.5 months!

I'll see you online! I already saw you added me to your msn!
Hopefully we can work something out for you at our school or somewhere else!

Byebye! Susana

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