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In august, I will be visiting Java again. This time I want to do some research (out of personal interest). I am interested in meeting & interviewing as many Indo Belanda's there as possible. young and old, rich and poor. Who can help me find some adresses? Any thoughts on the subject?

Btw, by Indo Belanda's (or just Indo's) I mean people of mixed Indonesian/European descent with their roots in the old colony of the Dutch East Indies. They were called Indo-Europeans at that time. Most of them worked for the Dutch government or where in another way part of the Dutch colonial system, so after the independence of Indonesia in 1949, most decided to go to Holland. Over 300,000 Indo Belanda's arrived in Holland between 1949 and 1962. But some a lot of them stayed in Indonesia. I am interested in their story. Was it hard to find their own place in the new republic? Do they still have 'feelings' for Holland or did they became Indonesians for the full 100%? Are they as well-off as they were in colonial days or are they maybe even poorer than the average Indonesian now (because maybe it was hard to find a job for a 'bule')?

Any help???

Thanks a lot!!!

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When I was looking for someone who could help me to "atur" a visa, I was introduced to one mr. Varkevisser. Unmistakenly an Indo, though he doesn't speak a word of Dutch. His Jakarta phonenumber: 021-7425471.
My second experience was in the Pertamina hospital in Jakarta. While waiting for my turn to meet an appointed "internis", I saw that the name of one of the internists was a real Dutch name. I didn't see him, but the nurse said that he was a "putih" Indonesian. So if you just go to the waiting room for the internists, you can find his name on one of the doors at the righthand side.
I hope this can be of any use.

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You can probably contact some indo belandas through the indo and dutch embassies in stockholm, sweden. i don't know them personally but i have spoken to some a few times. perhaps send a questionnaire to the embassies and they could get them filled in for you. hope this helps Emoticon: Shiny

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It's a pity I have seen your appeal too late otherwise you could have joint me on one of my monthly trips to visit indo belandas in Central Java or Jakarta.
Well, most of them don't got a good life and are much worse off then in the colonial times. The problem is on the island of Java, not that much on the outer islands. The intolerance of the common Javanese to accept somebody who is not 100% Javanese is enormous and that made a lot of indo belandas suffer untill now. If yoy only have 12,5% left of Belanda blood and 87,5% of Javanese blood, then you're still the "bule", "londo" of "belanda".
This is absolutely different in Maluku: if you are only 25% Ambonese they will accept you as one of theirs.

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