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I met some tourist on my trip to Bali and they told me they went to Green valley and a kampung there. I could find the Green valley in the Lonely Planet and am also wondering which Kampung is so interesting. They went there before Yogya but after Jakarta. Is is close to Pangandaran?

tell me more, tell me more...

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Its in West Java where Baduy live. The place is in Cijengkol. Need more info?

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Hi Horst,

Maybe those tourists ment Green Canyon, a narrow jungle - shrouded river some 20 km west of Pangandaran, just beyond the village of Cijulang.

Succes, Jan.

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.....and the kampung could be Kampung Naga, a traditional village near Tasikmalaya, also in Jawa Barat.


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Indeed, I meant Green Canyon. Thanks for the info. Next time I will go there.

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I have some photos of Green Canyon near Panangdaran Beach taken when I visited there in September 2000.

From what you wrote Horst it sounds like maybe they did a tour of Halimun National Park taking in a large area of West Java which included visiting the National Park, Papadayan volcano, a silk factory , visiting a Baduiy village at Tasikmalaya with the tour finishing at Panangdaran Beach.
Travellers usually opt to stay a few days at Panangdaran and most visit the tourist attractions one of which is Green Canyon.
From Panangdaran travellers can then travel to Yogjakarta via Cilacap which used to be a bus-ferry-bus trip. Nowadays there has to be a minimum number of travellers for the ferry to run.
I did that Halimun National Park trip in Sept 2000 with a guide from Bogor called Adang ( his email address is adang1972Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user ) and he comes highly recommended.
Here are some photos of Halimun National Park I took , plus a photo or two of Adang taken by Canadian guests who did the tour on my recommendation and there is also a photo of the Kampang Naga taken in Tasikmalaya.
To get to Kampang Naga one has to walk down over 350+ concrete steps to the village tucked behind a big hill.

The original Baduiy live in far west West Java and it is fascinating to visit their village as well. The occupants of the village must live their lives exactly as the village inhabitants have for hundreds of years. No one is allowed any modern day objects and the village people are checked every month and if anything is found they are confiscated.
They only eat two meals a day and never have artificial light like candles etc. or pillows or comfortable bedding.There is no electricity whatsoever in their village.
The only person who had light at night was Pak Ailin who accomodates and accomodated a Western visitor like myself.
He provides his guests with pillows, but that is it.
We slept on the floor and it was an amazing experience being there.

The views are magnificient and the people very interesting as they are aminist in their beliefs. The Baduiy who moved to Tasikmalaya did so because they wished to become muslim and were no longer welcome in their village. .
Sometimes you can see the Baduiy in Bogor walking around barefoot selling their wares which include special honey from their village.
There are two villages, the Inner Baduiy that no-one like a traveller can enter and the Outer Baduiy which I was able to visit.
I did however, meet people from the Inner Baduiy walking through the Outer Baduiy village and bought some of their handwoven handbags and coconut shell spoons etc.
When I visited the Baduiy I went with two Bogor guides Adang and Gis Kis, both of whom have become special friends over the years.
Gis Kis was instrumental in communicating with the people as he is a jungle person from Solok West Sumatra and has a special affinity with the Baduiy.
Another interesting aspect of the Baduiy is their method of growing rice which is by the dry method on the side of the hills in that very dry area.
One day I would really like to return to this village and experience this lifestyle that dates back hundreds of years.

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