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Hi evrybody ! Lots of you are having mix marriage with Indonesian. Well I am in a kind of problem. I'd love to raise my child bilingually. Practically, since I don't live in Indonesia, it;s quite difficult to do. Now my little 1,5 y o boy seems doesn;t understand a word I say if I speak to him in Indonesian. Anybody has experience with this ? They say children can speak in parents languages automatically. But I don't see it;s going to be easy . Emoticon: Nooo

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Dear Putri,
Children are not born with a language in their minds. The ability to use language is formed during their live.
You son understand more than you think, perhaps he doesn't know how to answer. If you want to learn you child two languages since birth it is important to have consitancy in the communication flow with your child.
When father speaks bahasa indonesia and mon speaks english it is important that children speak with father b.i. and with mom eng.
When father is not so fluent in eng and mom not fluent in b.i. the child is not able to learn the correct language.
It is often seen with children with a bilingual background is that they are not fluent in both languages they can speak. There are more resons than one for this.
I find it great to see that you are willing to raise you son multicultural. Speaking as a child from mixed blood, I always missed being not able to speak behasa indonesia.

Wish you all the best in live and with you family....

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Putri you must talk with your son regular in bahasa that he will habit hear that language.
I keep talking with my son in bahasa and he speak english with his dad and friends.
One of my friends is doing the same, she speaks in Indonesia and her husband use english when talk with the child and their daughter (2 yo) can understand both of them without problem and start to speak use Indonesia and english.

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Automatically? I doubt that! But then again.. I don't have kids.. At least I know my mom told me I learned to speak Dutch, it didn't just 'arrive' upon birth.

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On 09-06-2005 07:20 Jeroen wrote:
Automatically? I doubt that! But then again.. I dont have kids.. At least I know my mom told me I learned to speak Dutch, it didnt just arrive upon birth.


As a baby your mother gave you books to learn Dutch, the original langauge of the book where written in heavon language.
So you could learn to stop understand the language from heavon and learn to speak Dutch.
The books after a certain age they delete themselve evenso the your memory learning it from those books.

But only when you have children you will remember it again.
This is a secrect between parents actually it is highly forbidden to tell this to non parents. Emoticon: Shut up! Emoticon: Yes! Emoticon: Laugh out loud

Wil je ook meester van je eigen leven zijn?

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Hi, Putri, how are you ? I hope you are fine, I did not hear from since their last we spoke. My experienced to teach my children, the first I never forget to teach and spoke with them my mother tongue, that is Indonesian language, because it is important that children know mother language, is important that children came from 2 different culture, the can compare also how behave, example in Indonesia, children are polite to people ouder than them, here in Holland not , soms.

I make a schema when I spoke indonesian with my children , just used example if youour son said bord, than you can explain to him, in indonesia is mean PIRING and so on, and so on.

So, my 4,5 years old son, now he speaks 3 languages, english, dutch and indonesian, I have aupair from Indonesia (servant with me from Indonesia) , he learned dutch very quick from my son and my son also learn indonesian from him.

So, I think is not difficult , just how you approach to him with your way , you are his mother, soms people said that you live here in Holland you should speak to your son dutch, dont be confused from what people said to you, because automatically he learn dutch from your dutch husband and school and envrioment, so dont miss up with that.

Just do the way you like it, the same also with how to araise your son, is your way , people in Java said, norm and value, love and carrying that is our way to bring our children up, sometime in this country hard to put this way, because too much freedom, but from little learn and when they grouw up, the get to used to it (Kecil belajar, besar biasa).

My daughter now is almost 18 years, she speaks 5 languages, I dont teach the other languages , she like to learn by herself.

easy way to teach your son with telling satu, dua , tiga.

o.k. good luck, talk to you later o.k.

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Putri, that's why the easy way to teach the children from known, chi ldren catch the words and understand very easy.

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Hello all,

Wow thanks for these tips, yes I think it's more my fault, I am getting confuse myself ..ha..ha..Well, I'll try to speak in bahasa Indonesia to him from now on, and not getting frustrated if he doesn't understand it. I think I 'll have to keep up my spirit to speak bahasa Indonesia !!
Well, Jeroen, what I meant about automatically, meaning learned that automatically from both parents, and automatically changing language to whom they talked to. Anyway, I'll start as from today !! Many thanks, Emoticon: Bye bye

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I was told it is important that kids learn both languages.So mama speaks bahasa and me dutch to our little son,he now only speaks WAWAAAWAAAAA and BUABUAA and DADADA...can anybody tell me what country this comes from????? Emoticon: Laugh out loud

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