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17-01-2015 18:16 · [news] Three more bodies of AirAsia victims to Surabaya hospital  (4 reactions)
17-01-2015 01:23 · [news] Fuel prices lowered, again  (2 reactions)
17-01-2015 00:14 · [news] President dismisses Sutarman as national police chief  (0 reactions)
16-01-2015 12:44 · [news] Alleged terrorists shot dead three villagers in Poso  (3 reactions)
16-01-2015 02:15 · [news] Indonesia to execute six drug convicts  (0 reactions)

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Sometimes people need to learn to accept differences and not to push someone to change what they already belief. Pitty if you have to do that, but I put my hat off for your sacrifices.

Good luck! Emoticon: Smile

Peace Out,

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"I must also get the circumcision done, that I am not looking forward to as I hate pain."

Read this:

I got married to a muslim woman and had to become muslim myself but I absolutely refused to get circumcised (even before I knew about above website).
Her dad didn't mind and suggested to tell that I was already circumcised because a buleh is like a indo christian and also indo christians are circumcised (or a good deal of them ?).
Anyway, as no imam dares to pull down my pants to check and dad is enjoying the prospect of a "rich" son in law, and my wife didn't care out of love, the scheme went smoothless, .

Maybe my advice isn't too late for the topic writer ? Emoticon: Shut up!

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Topic writer is from 2005 Emoticon: Stupid Emoticon: Laugh out loud
Ah well, I am sure other male victims will come and read about this..

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Well, if his balls aren't cut off either, there's a good chance that his wallet has been pinched (or cut off) by now.

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I have an Javanese partner and the change that she was muslim (because of her family traditions) came tru. I told her from the beginning that there will not be any marrige and that this will be permanent. Her father and the mother had no problems with it as long as we are happy.

Did does not mean that there are no discussions about the stupiddity of any religions and that came in 2010 to a climax when she wanted that her latest son get circumcised. (the other two where allready victimised). I strongly opposed againsed the circumsising from her son because he is to young to oversee what it will mean and she has in my opinion not the right to mutulate a minor because of any traditional reason even when it is her son.
The family started to react but in an open way and they all said that it was because it should be like that because of the koran.
I also showed them the same link
And because the were suprised about the content they started to discus the situation even more.
Never the less my partner desided to follow the wish from her father to follow the traditons.
When I asked her father why he let his daughters circumsised when they were a child even the koran does (also) not ask for it he culd not give any clear answer and just said that it allways was like that so he just followed the tradition.

That made my partner so angry and dissapointed in her father and also the other daughters were dissapointed that the discussion was tending to go in an other direction so I asked what she wanted to do now whit her son.

Simple, just follow the tradition and she did.

Even after the mutulation others followed in the family and even girls and that while there mothers know so much more now.

Conclusion: Love an Indonesian woman and get loved by an Indonesian woman andenjoy eachother , but never get married because it means nothing more than fullfilling a tradition.

Van hen die zeggen dat zij mij kennen weet ik dat ze mij niet kennen.

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dear john do not convert to Islam if you do not really sure, this is the right way for you and this is what you believe, do not convert to Islam because of her, but you must really2 sure Islam is the wright choice for your life and life after death

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Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user profile.vpbywater, this thread dates from 2005. how is your relationship with her right now? any updates? Just curious.

Happiness is not a destination, it's a Way of Living

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