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Harto and Mawar,

Both of you are right.
Harto, there are several programs running to make the citizens aware of the pollution and littering they cause. Even at school. Days are organized to clean neighbourhoods. I agree with your words about the littering in public transportation, but who travels in it? Mostly people who are more difficult to reach by the government. But, did you also notice that in those buses etc there is always a litterbin present?

Mawar, Jakarta is for me also numero uno, the place where I feel at home. I used to live in Menteng, like you. But is it not wonderful when all of Jakarta is like Menteng?

tunawisma, tunakarya, tunamasalah

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dear harto, I'm not angry, sorry to give that impression. But to always accuse other people accuse everybody and talking bad things about the situation doesn't help it either. If we are doing our own small thing like you said, than it can be better. But I think this tkaes time, because it is a changing of attitude and behaviour.
Every body has to make realise that it's their own country, theri own city, street,place that they're polluting. that the childeren and the grandchildren will inherrit the bad if they act unwisely.
But dear Hart, how must whe change the way of life, the way of acting. it's the kind of feeling "masa bodo : that we have to change. But I don't know how. I hope it will change.
In the meantime we do our own best to be neat and to teach our children to be neat and to try to give an example how to do it.. But always saying that everything is bad and dirty doesn't help it either.
No medals for me dear, just never give up hope that things will change for the better.
I'm not either hiding my head, I can see the things which are not good but we have to try to make it better not only being negative about everything.

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dear harto
I'm really not angry, what makes you think that? it's just that I can't help it to be frustated by all the negative comments. all big cities have problems with pollution and waste materials. So Jakarta is not otherwise than other cities. it takes time to change the attitude of the public to realise that if they are throwing away theri waste without thinking, that they are polluting theri own city. We have to realise and try to make other see it also that being careless about waste is not some other problem. I think that the attitude of "masa bodo" have had to change, and I think that that- as you will also know and realise- is the most difficult part of it.
No medals for me, what are you thinking? just trying to keep my house my garden, my street my city and so the country clean. I f you dont start with the most unimportant people-like me- where will you begin?
everyone has to be reponsible for dirt and wast dari kecil sampai jang besar, dari yang enggak punya sampay yang kaya raya.
So stop thinking that I want to have a medal. I just love Jakarta with its good and bad sides. so what? You complaining about it? that's your problem . sorry about that.
even so - the best to you and yours!

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dear mawar,
with your comment you exactly show what I meant, your very very thin skin and frustration, in jakarta affairs,
by the way , for me it's no problem and you need not to feel sorry for me

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Pak Harto ,

maybe you are right about some points like garbage , lack of discipline.
But is not fair if you only blame the gov. , parents or school.
You forget one important point , money .
Please compare Jakarta and Amsterdam (also a big city )
Two capitalcity with Big City problems.

Area : +/- 170km2 (+ 50 km2 water).
Population : 740.000
Budget : 5000.000.000 euri

Let say 6500 euri/p.p.

Jakarta :
Area : 650 km2
Population : Legal 9000.000 (exl. daily workers 3000.000 from outside)
Illegals ? = urbanisation.
(let say total 10.000.000 ?)

Budget : ???????

In think they have not so much to spend like Amsterdam (6500 euri /p.p).
I don't that the DKI can spend 65.000 .000.000 euri for jakarta .
O.K. everything is cheaper in Indonesia but I don't think that they have even 20.000. 000.000 euri.
And how much in rupie ?
20.000.000 .000 x 12.000 = .000 rupie.

Wah , bingung sech (very confusing).

Bisa dicek mas .

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Yep, talk about my city Jakarta, poluted, dirty, traffic jam, that's the truth, I don't deny it, and I love Jakarta, still. But dirtties city in the world, man...then you must be living in a small world, looking thing only with your small tiny vision. Polutions, dirty is a major problems from cities with big population, look at to India, china or have you ever been in bangkok ? so, jakarta dirty ? yes, I admitted, but dirrties ? I really don't think so. Emoticon: Nooo

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One fact not mentioned here yet is that pollution and garbage hav a great impact on the growth of a economy and wellfare of people. In time, economic growth declines because of a lack of proper management of land, air, water. That is why I do not see China in 10 year as big as they say in economic journals. China is mainly focussing on economic growth (and exploiding their own labor force) instead of investing also in a better way of life in matters of anti pollution etc.
I also want to add that the future monorail, the busway and the 3-1 rule in Jakarta are good ideas/projects and I hope they will implement the monorail too, simply because there is no other option in a few years in Jakarta (just the same as reducing the subsidy on fuel...).
Regards, Johan

Begin de details te vergeten

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