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Indonesia is beautiful


there are so many unpleasant things.

1) There are too many natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoon, hails, and earthquake.

2) Indonesia is too polluted

3) Indonesia has so many diseases.

4) Indonesia is already taken over by Chineses. Chineses are in charge of Indonesia now.

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1) there is nothing that Indonesia can do about that
2) pretty true, but there are many areas which are still clean
3) maybe true, but things can be done to prevent yourself from getting ill
4) Ooh well, this seems like an old discussion here

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I have never heard of typhoons and hails afflict Indonesia.
Yes, there is lot of pollution and diseases are very common.
I don’t think Indonesia is taken over by the Chinese. They are very good in trade and business, but this was already in the Dutch period

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four things are not that many. The Chinese are not in charge of Indonesia now, they were always, at least in the economical sense

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your mssge does not fit with your name
hormat saya
sahabat Emoticon: Bye bye

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strong_power, just answer this: Which is a country with no problems? Just give me one example.

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Strong power Emoticon: Bye bye
I know my country have to done a lot of thing ( I don't have explain one by one Emoticon: Yes! ). Just reminds you Indonesia is young country only 60 years MERDEKA. There is so many home work to finish it.

I want to know where do you come from ? No Countries in the world is perfect.
Even in West-Europe, USA ( rich countries) of course another home work but sometimes make me feel also unpleasent... Emoticon: Yes!

Just enjoy it or just leave simple, right Emoticon: Yawn

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Hi Strong P !

I don't really see your point. Every country, society has its bad sides. Their economic /social position is also (just like ours) dependent on many international factors. And Indonesia is independent just a few decades...
Only since 5 years now, I come to Indonesia. I think it's a country with many potentials, and the people are great. What struck me during the first visits : their is much much less agression among the people. I discovered a kindness, that's not here in Western society.


Sepp Buys
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There always will be people with mata gelap. There never is pure beauty in their world. What a pity.


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Djattiman, I agree with your whole heartedly, there is a kindess amongst the people that is missing so much in Western society. I have made 6 trips to Indonesia since 1997 and I have always been amazed at how me a complete stranger can get invited into people's homes and fed and invited to stay for the night. And in so many cases the people do not have very much at all, but they are so wealthy in kindness and respect for other human beings.
I always feel I am home spiritually when I am in Indonesia.
I love Indonesia very much and have so many wonderful memories of my trips.

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Yeah Pamela, that's true. Indonesia has a beautiful land and very kind people. It is important and it makes sense to sometimes mention the negative sides of the loved one (Indonesia). Indonesia has many serious structural problems, the corruption and the poverty. We must not overlook , forget or deny these issues. Then our view of the country stays realistic and enthusiastic at the same time.
Yes, I love Indonesia very much.Every time when I return from my holidays I feel to say.
At the end this week I will go there again...

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A lesson in l.o.v.e Emoticon: Nice

I might have the wrong perception of the meaning of love, but I thought when someone is in love the most important thing is to accept the "not so nice' sides of the loved one, certainly not talk about it. Love is a two sided affair, so the one who wants to talk about certain things should realize that "diam adalah mas" is an Indonesian attitude. If you talk about the one you love to others one does not mention the bad sides but exaggerates the good qualities. The latter is universal in my point of view.


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Okay okay,
but we are talking here about our loved ones a ....

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Maybe Heaven is the place for you if your looking for somewhere perfect, its the only place I have ever heard of that doesn’t have pollution, diseases and unpleasant things, not that I want to bring that into this post.

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i think a perfect place is only a heaven, hahahahaha Emoticon: Smile

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about the Chinese.. The Dutch ganted a lot of important positions to the Chinese in the past because , according to one Dutch Gouvener-General, : "They work hard and they can count"

Interesting enough Soeharto gave the same privileges to the Chinese community.

Bad voices whisper that Soeharto was of Chinese origin. The Chinese paid for this deerly in 1998 when Soeharto was thrown from office.

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Dear all,

I am an Indonesian Chinese - and absolutely not rich or powerful. And it's funny that every Chinese should pay for the privileges given to some Chinese (and also given also to some "Indonesia Asli" Emoticon: Wink . And everyone spreaded rumors that Mr. Soeharto (sorry, at least he was a president before, so I use Mr.) is a Chinese after he was dethroned and lost his power. Is it a sin to be a Chinese anyway?
I hope one day I can write a book to express how I feel to be a stranger in my own country.
Indonesia is beautiful (the country itself), but many systems need to be straightened up and repaired. And the answer is not by blaming other party, but to work hard and get rid of corrupt systems.

Have a nice day, everyone.


P.S. Sorry for this sensitivity.

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The world is beautiful


there are so many unpleasant things.

1) There are too many natural disasters like Strong_Power with his
webname genius .
2) This man has poluted us with open doors .
3) Is this man deceased with his original ideas ?
4) Is Strong_Power taken over by general generallity ?

Conclusion: "Is there any hope for Strong_Power to be Genius ?

I hope so !!!

Greets .... Anis; 'no offense I hope'.

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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dear Anis,

100% agree. Emoticon: Smile


User icon of sidia
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Dear Johny: you wrote
I hope one day I can write a book to express how I feel to be a stranger in my own country

It is sad to read it , to feel a stranger in your own country.
Sidia is living in Amsterdam , he is a foreigner and proud of his background , but he is also happy to live in Holland. Ik hou van holland
In Holland the dutch say to the emigrants please joint us , intregated and maybe assimilated (if you can find some one to love en life).
Johny , You are not an immigrant in indonesia , you are a son of indonesia , please think , act and live like the other fellow indonesians.

About : Mr S , "everyone " knew his connection with Oom Liem from semarang.I don't know if it true or not , but I have friends from semarang.
Also old people from that period.

In indonesia people know ( in the past ) the so called Alie - Baba(h) connection.
Nowadays is the name change to Ali - "Ali " connection.
It is only information.

Bisa dicek mas .

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Dear Sidia,

First of all, I know that you might be a Javanese.
What I mean is that if you grew up in the situation where you were called names even by people you didn't know (and what you did was just walking pass them), I think only a 'super person' who doesn't feel that he is somewhat different. I never felt I acted strangely. I went by 'angkot', 'becak' or 'jalan kaki' or 'naik sepeda'. I can't speak Chinese, thanks to the Government regulation about Chinese Culture back then. I attended school just like other people. If I sometimes walked with my other Chinese students, was it a sign of exclusiveness? I think it's more like a sign of self-insecurity. Like what happened to other poeple in the place they didn't know, psychologically they flock together. I heard the Indonesians go abroad love to flock with other Indonesians as well, so I think the case is similar.
You know, I always feel uncomfortable if someone asked me if I were a Chinese or not - as if my subconsciousness thinks that being a Chinese has been a sin.
I have friends orang 'Indonesia Asli', from javanese, sundanese, ambon, irian (I went studying at a public university), so doesn't mean that I am very exclusive myself.
And about the case of Mr. Soeharto and Liem, well, does it represent all the Chinese? I believe, many 'pengusaha', from all races, love to stick to the governments - to have some 'katebelece'. But what is wrong with Chinese that many of them suffer everytime there are riots, while the riots are not always connected with them.
I give you a quotation from a song I know.

How could it be if you were standing in my shoes? (Queen)



joy jade
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Hi Johny
salam kenal Emoticon: Bye bye
i am agree with your opinion. i was born and lived in indonesia as minority (chinese) and felt never proud to be as chinese at all. But life in indonesia (or may be in ´whatever´ country as minority) forced us to keep on searching our own root unless we will lose our identity. But as chinese who have been in indonesia since our great grand father, it´s difficult to take chinese root as identity since we feel we are not fully chinese and the history about indo-chinese relation was not so nice (e.q G30SPKi).
As a nice country, in my idea, indonesia is still not successful to solve chinese-issue which can give security to all ethnic minorities (esp. chinese). Looking back to May Tragedy 1998, is there any real step to re-solve the matter instead of denying it? i am skeptic.
Now i am away from indonesia...still as minority, but i found this country is more welcome and i feel i am proud to be chinese. i just wish indonesia-govt will be moving faster and can solve the ´time-bomb´ (from corruption, unjustice, etc) before it explodes and got chinese as ´space goat´.

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Hi Joy Jade,

Salam kenal dan take care yaaah!
Where are you now? Emoticon: Shiny But I hope wherever you are, you'll be fine.

Warm Regards


joy jade
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Emoticon: Shiny thanks johny.
i do hope you will be more comfortable with ´´indonesia yang LEBiH adil dan beradab´´ or you will find the place where you can be yourself completely without being insecure of who you are and what is your ethnicity...
i am now in a ´old but new´city where Boshporus passing in the middle.

goodluck Emoticon: Yes!
Joy Jade

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Hallo Johny,
I'm Jan from Amsterdam - Holland, I'm visiting many times your beautiful country because I have friends in the neighbourhood of Solo.

In this forum I read your comments many times. I'm sure you are a wise man.
I'm very interested to read your book when it is finished. So please hurry writing this book, because I think many people can learn a lot of good things about your feelings and wise ideas

Kind Regards and go on in this way


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