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I'll be coming to Jakarta in a month to start a design business with Indonesian friends. I'm looking very much forward to this experience - and to make new friends in Jakarta Emoticon: Bye bye

See y'all

(from Northern Europe)

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No reaction what so-ever from our members living in Jakarta.

Nevertheless, good luck and have fun in Indonesia, Hank! Emoticon: Cooool

tunawisma, tunakarya, tunamasalah

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good luck!

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dear hank ! what kind of design are you doing , is it furniture? please let me know

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Hai Hank!

Welcome to Jakarta. From which part of Northern Europe are you?

Good Luck!

Slightly older, hopefully wiser, absolutely prettier

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Thanks for your kind replies, guys!

I'm from Scandinavia and my primary design field is graphic design - but industrial as well as furniture are, indeed, within my field of operation. As an architect I tend to look less on the output and more on the initial approach :-)


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dear Hank,

Good luck to you and hope you will have a fine time here!


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Hello there! I'm Ernie/ 25/ female and from Singapore... I was hoping to make friends in Indonesia or anywhere in the world.... So if there is any, do email me at mizzy_puzzleRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user ..... Thanks!

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Indonesians are very pleasant and shy people. Stay away from bad people like call-girls and you find truly excellent and warm people.

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Welcome to Jakarta, Hank.
Soon you can feel differences between scandinavians people and Indonesian people. Here in Scandinavian, people more cerefully to get know someone new but there in my country, mostly they are more open and easy to get know someone new. Enjoy your time in warm country.

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