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Nowadays a lot of popping up near the airport in the area of West Jakarta precisely near Soekarno Hatta International Airport. West Jakarta is a city from the capital city of Jakarta which is quite busy with substantial business activities. Apartments will be efficient and comfortable for urbanites and work in Jakarta.

If the property is in current use, you need to make a purchase or invest at a strategic price, because the occupants will use the strategic location. Also note that people who choose an apartment for their place of residence are because they want to have an exclusive, practical, safe and comfortable place. So, is the apartments near the airport are the strategic location? The answer is, yes! because there are so many advantages of having dwelling in this area, which are :

1. Tourist Shelter
The arrival of the domestic tourists is a place of attracting the people of the trumpet. Also, there are currently many campaigns with high mobility schedules through air access. Traveling from a distant place is exhausting course, the apartment can be an alternative for your rest. An advantage here. We can provide housing needs for them. Because tourists usually used to find a place close to the airport. The apartment is convenient and comfortable is perfect for those who have little time and a reliable schedule. Also, having a dwelling at the destination will facilitate them if at any time they will visit again

2. Good Investment for Long Term
The advantage to investing in an apartment is quite significant, especially if there is a problem in the future. Different areas are now recorded in the Government's Spatial Plan (RUTR), accessible through the sub-district office or Local Government. However, investment in the apartment remains a risk. Wrong is the price reduction due to the sale of those places (the point of lack in a long time). At the moment the condition can be sure the price will go down. We need to be careful to find solutions in the future to get prices when rising and selling when in the saturation point. Thus it can be done various analysis, location, privacy, and privacy. With the location of apartments near the airport has become a definite advantage.

3. Strategic Access to Places
Visitors are now places that are quite crowded. Access from the airport is effortless because the airport also allows visitors to use various services already available there. One of them is the construction of two railway lines by 2017 by train and commuter line from the new Soekarno-Hatta-Pluit-Sudirman International Airport (Dukuh Atas) -Tangerang to Central Jakarta. The existence of a transportation area can allow multiples of money, the rise in property prices will rise. The increase in property prices is around 10 to 15 percent. However, collecting public transport has been successful, it can increase larger than usual. The main advantage is the location itself.

4. Apartment Prices Increase Each Year
The profit margin of the investment is significantly located near the airport. The price of apartments will rise every year due to the gap between the demand for apartments and the offer of apartment units by the developer. The price increase is also triggered by NJOP (Tax Object Selling Value) that matches the value of the property. However, be careful of the 'fried price' actions that could be done by the marketing developers themselves who help that the prospective buyer should be as soon as possible before buying the unit up. Do not rush to accuse marketing developers of doing things that developers sometimes raise from their groups to provide information that it is not stagnant and worthy to own.

5. Enthusiastic Environment With Adequate Facility
Apartments near the airport indeed provide adequate facilities for the residents. By its location, the area near the airport is expected to support various needs in a practical and comfortable. Multiple examples of facilities in the airport area that can help them, the shopping center, sports center, business center and so forth. The location near the airport is also very safe because every time there are officers from the police and local officers who patrolled. The best things you can get when living in a superblock area near the airport are exclusive facilities to support your daily activities.

The advantage of having an apartment close to the airport is indeed imposing. At this time has been developed various flats in the area. The latest news has been attended Bandara City which is an apartment near the airport, built along with a whole superblock that blends into each other. This Bandara City is the only superblock near the Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. Thus are the 5 Benefits of apartments near the airport that we have summarized in this article. Hopefully, it can provide useful information. The airline is the most popular transportation access today. Having Apartments near the Soekarno Hatta Airport will undoubtedly provide excellent benefits especially regarding financial.

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