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Can someone explain to me the incredible fetish that Indonesian seem to have for uniforms? Today I read an article about the new uniforms of the civil-servants of the province of Jakarta. There was some discussion about that (the costs). The answer of the Jakarta government was: they wear this uniform only on monday. When I asked around in my workenvironment (also government, also new uniforms since beginning this month) I was informed that this green uniform was ONLY for monday because the Jakarta government requires the civil servants to attend a greeting of the flag ceremonial every monday (national government institution only every 17th of the month, also a strange phenonemon). On the other days they have a brown uniform. On other occassion civil servants were again a different -batik-uniform. The Jakarta government claimed that wearing a uniform improved the discipline, the esprit the corps, and the visibility of civil-servants. I think it is a load of crap, but maybe someone can make me wiser, please.

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Ha..ha.. Driederick,

You can call it fetish yes... Even a big family trying to make their own uniform. I am Indonesian, and we have to grow up with this uniform in my whole youth life, boys scout, SD, SMP, SMA, driving me crazy. And all that stupid colors !!! I took my revenge when I sat at university to wear the most craziest, colorfull dresses.And still, some dresses is out of the questions. We were not allowed to use an open shoes, you know how hot is Surabaya ?
It is a fetish, and lust of making profit from all of this uniform. The supplier is mostly one of the employee.It is a crap. But if Indonesian doens't wear uniform, or essential rules in clothing, you would get headache. There is still a very big gap between poor, middle or rich. And clothes is showing who you are (how rich you are, etc). I bet it is not that bad for school, but for employees, I think it is really childish. It is also the heritage from the socialist era, when all those socialist communist are really crazy of those uniforms, colors and symbols. But those "bapak-bapak" wearing uniform, right now, is a sign of hierarchy, indeed discipline, (so you can spot somebody suppose to work and walking on the big malls) .. I can understand for military officers, but I don't for those "pegawai negeri". Emoticon: Shiny

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