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Hello forum members,

this may be an unusual request and maybe hopeless, but it could be worth a try:

On a recent visit to Sulawesi, we went on a rain forest trek with a guide from Tentena. He was very interested in getting some high-quality photos of the trip I took with my camera and gave me this email address:

Can anybody here decipher the address -- maybe because of knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia or names in Indonesia?

I am quite sure it reads: syamsudin. hardtoreadpart at . But what is the hard to read part?

The first part, syamsudin , gives quite a few google results and seems almost certainly correct to me (there even is an airport with that name).

But the second part after the dot? x?ananta or y?ananta ? The second letter could be a small n maybe. I tried putting that word into translator software and no similar words were suggested. Maybe it's not a word but a name? Is there a typical Indonesian name similar to the word?

I already tried sending email to addresses where I put xananta , yananta , xnananta , ynananta as the hard to read part, all 4 addresses did not exist.

I hope somebody can help so Nyong can get his photos. Thanks in advance for your time.

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I think it is mananta.

Het is beter spijt te hebben van iets dat je gedaan hebt, dan spijt te hebben om iets dat je niet gedaan hebt

Anne Mieke
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Think so too. Mananta is a frequent name in Indonesia.

Need information about Flores? Take a look at the website "FLORES SURGA KITA" (including many photo's) Avatar: Sarotari, Larantuka, the exact place the Palmerah bridge will be built.

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Thanks a alot, erwin and Anne Mieke. Mananta seems a great suggestion.

Also makes sense when looking at the photo and comparing the questionable part with the "m" in syamsudin . He hasn't replied yet, but the email was not bounced, so chances are high that it's correct.

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nice posting

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definitely mananta

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