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17-01-2015 18:16 · [news] Three more bodies of AirAsia victims to Surabaya hospital  (4 reactions)
17-01-2015 01:23 · [news] Fuel prices lowered, again  (2 reactions)
17-01-2015 00:14 · [news] President dismisses Sutarman as national police chief  (0 reactions)
16-01-2015 12:44 · [news] Alleged terrorists shot dead three villagers in Poso  (3 reactions)
16-01-2015 02:15 · [news] Indonesia to execute six drug convicts  (0 reactions)

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hailooww.. everybody,i'm new here, may i join this warm convers?? Emoticon: Shiny

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>You cannot join the conversations unless you can send some gado gado- rujak cingur-es campur-peuyeum bandung-nasi liwet.....
>all of them have to be sent through 56k modem for everyone of us in this forum.
So we can write any topic(ask Jeroen first which topic you'd like to talk about) at the same time we can enjoy gado gado & sambal goreng...
>Just joking!!!! Whoa HA HA!!
>Welcome negara

Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye Emoticon: Bye bye

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me too

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I'm looking an old friend of mine. I know that he live in Jakarta. But I'm sure if he still there. His name is Herman Lolong, he's a med student at the UKI. If you know him, could you contact him for me? And give my e-mail add to him. Thanks
Sheila Mercedes Cornelisz
CEO Of Centurion Optical Data Carrier

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Sorry forgot my e-mail add.
That's mercedesRemoved to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user

Thanks guys

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