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President suspends several cooperations with Australia
Published on 20 November 2013 15:02
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has temporarily stopped cooperation between Indonesia and Australia in a number of areas pending the settlement of alleged spy issues.
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Paul Burow
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As an Australian, I am embarrassed and angry about australian intelligence agents phone-tapping President Yudhoyono's phone..and also the phone of his wife. The president has always seemed to me to be a good man, and indeed, a good president.
The key phrase here is: Friends don't spy on friends.
I hope whoever gave the order to carry out these activities, be exposed and questioned extensively WHY the phone-tapping was necessary. In fact, I hope all the people responsible can somehow face trial in court. If this happened in 2009, the Prime Minister of Australia at that time was Kevin Rudd. Somehow, I find it difficult to imagine he didn't know about this.
I have many good friends in Indonesia and I am very annoyed that this spying job has damaged relations between our countries.
The current Australian Prime Minister Abbot Should apologise quickly. He also has made 'stupid' remarks on the subject. Indonesia is our neighbour and has been our good friend for a long time. I just hope someday we get a government we deserve; instead of a bunch of half-wit twits jumping up and down trying to be noticed by the USA.
Therefore, I will say what Prime Minister Abbot has not yet had to morals or common sense to say: we are extremely sorry for the bugging of the phones. It will never happen again; and all those responsible will be brought to justice.
At least, this is what I Hope he will say.

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