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Hoping someone can help me with their connections in Bali. My partner and I are headed to Indonesia at the end of the year. While in Bali we would love to find somewhere that offers transcendental meditation. I have crawled through the internet but all I can find is these 7 day 'retreat' style things that cost a ridiculous amount of money and seem a bit... hmmm gimmicky... to me. I am sure that there are plenty of places that just offer the course without the full retreat... but I imagine they wouldn't probably be found on the internet!

Anyway, it was a long shot but if anyone out there knows of anything or can put me in touch with anyone that might know of anything like this it would be very appreciated!



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Hi Joey,

There is a group on Face Book called Bali Unlimited that you join and you can ask the question.
I have checked and there is no link I can leave on this site.
It is NOT a Like page - it is a join a group page.
Wonderful resource for all questions on Bali.
So join and ask away.
Good Luck.

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Yeah i got some information regarding the same you are asking here. There is a branch named Yoga Classes Bali, which give the whole stuff regarding what you are asking, Check out the INTERNET. You will get more information.

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