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Miss World

In addition to these demands, Rizieq also strongly criticized the Miss World beauty contest, which Indonesia will be hosting in Bali next month, and threatened to forcefully put a stop to the international event.

“We are obliged to disrupt the Miss World event if the government insists [on issuing a permit],” Rizieq said on Sunday.

“I am ready to be arrested for disrupting Miss World,” he said.

“Everyone must be prepared to disrupt Miss World. Don’t let Bali become an immoral island because of that event,” Rizieq said, followed by a chorus of “ Astagfirullah, Allahu Akbar ” by other members of the organization.

n its 15 years of existence, the FPI has received condemnation from institutions and political figures for its often violent attacks against those deemed by them to be acting contrary to Islamic ideology.

In June 2008, the group was censured for its attack on members of the National Alliance for Freedom of Faith and Religion (AKKBB) who were holding a rally at the National Monument in Jakarta.

Members of the FPI stormed into the crowd and brutally attacked campaigners. Dozens were injured during that incident.

The group has launched similar attacks against nightclubs, bars and other sellers of alcoholic beverages, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Last month, the organization was responsible for at least two incidents of violence during vigilante raids.

About 50 FPI supporters damaged businesses in the Kendal district in Central Java during a raid on an alleged brothel, resulting in a riot as local residents fought back and forced the group to leave.

A woman was killed as a car carrying FPI members fleeing the scene crashed into the motorbike she was riding with her husband.

Rizieq had called the president a “mere loser” and “a disgrace”

n another raid in Makassar, South Sulawesi, members of the group were caught on camera vandalizing a shop said to be serving alcoholic beverages. The video later went viral on the Internet, attracting thousands of viewers from across the nation

Capturing this men soonest is the best they can do Emoticon: Yes!

Het zijn zwaarwegende woorden die verder strekken ... Wanneer macht haar geloofwaardigheid verliest

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