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Friday, February 18, 2005

Two Indonesian journalists seized in Iraq: Official

JAKARTA (Reuters): Two Indonesian television journalists were taken by Iraqi militants in the western city of Ramadi, a guerrilla stronghold, on Tuesday, a government spokesman in Jakarta said on Friday.

"We have received information ... from the owner of a car rented by two journalists from Metro TV that on Feb. 15, their vehicle heading for Ramadi was halted by an armed group," Ministry of Foreign Affairs' spokesman Marty Natalegawa told reporters.

"The car, driver and the two journalists have been taken to an unknown location. However, I will not use the word abduction yet," he said.


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Islamist group claims it kidnapped two Indonesian journalists

BAGHDAD (AFP): A previously unknown Islamist group has claimed to have kidnapped two Indonesian television journalists who went missing in Iraq this week while driving on a notoriously dangerous road from Amman to Baghdad.

The group, calling itself Jaish al-Mujahedeen (Army of Warriors), demanded that the "Indonesian government explain what mission had brought the two journalists" to Iraq, according to a report by Arabic television Al-Jazeera.

The group "adds ... that it will not be responsible for the security of the two hostages if the Indonesian government does not respond to their request."

In Jakarta, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said two Indonesian journalists were being held hostage in Iraq.

"I have just received a reconfirmation that indeed the two Indonesian nationals have been taken hostage in a place in Iraq," Susilo told reporters.

"I, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of the Republic of Indonesia, convey that the two journalists are truly only carrying out their journalistic duties," the president said.

"There is no political involvement. There is no involvement by the two in the conflict (in Iraq)," he said.

In Paris, the media watchdog body Reporters Without Borders (RSF) identified the pair as Meutya Hafid, a woman reporter for Metro TV, and Metro cameraman Budiyanto.

Al-Jazeera showed a silent video picturing a man and a woman holding their passports up to the camera, reporting that the passports bore the words "Republik Indonesia."

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Video shows apparent release of kidnapped Indonesian journalists

BAGHDAD (AP): A video on Monday showed the apparent release of two Indonesian journalists kidnapped in Iraq.

The video delivered anonymously to Associated Press Television News showed the two shaking hands with a militant.

It was not possible to determine when the video was made and the hostages' release could not be independently confirmed.

The pair, working for the Indonesian cable network Metro TV, went missing last Tuesday after being stopped by unidentified men in military uniforms in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

"For reasons of suspicion, these two journalists were arrested," the masked militant said, reading from a notebook.

"Based on the goodwill they showed, and respecting the feelings of brotherhood and Islam between the two countries, and respecting the Indonesian anti-occupation role, we decided to release the two journalists without any conditions and ransom."

In Jakarta, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the news.

"That's great, wonderful," said spokesman Marty Natalegawa.

"We were on an emotional roller-coaster waiting for that news."

The two journalists are 26-year-old Meutya Viada Hafid and cameraman Budiyanto, 36.

The video showed a militant, his face masked with a red checkered scarf, handing Budiyanto a pen, a maroon copy of the Quran, and a white Muslim prayer cap. The male hostage kissed the Quran and immediately put on the cap. Hafid, given a scarf, could be seen smiling faintly.

Their release followed a Friday appeal by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to militants to set the pair free.

Another video released on Friday showed the reporters flanked by masked gunmen, with a voice speaking off camera saying the two were being held by the Mujahedeen in Iraq, a group about which little is known.

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Indonesia confirms release of two reporters in Iraq

JAKARTA (Reuters): Two Indonesian reporters who had been held captive in Iraq have been released and are leaving the conflict-ridden country, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday.

"We can now officially confirm that Meutya and Budiyanto have been released. The Indonesian embassy in Amman has received a phone call from Meutya saying they are now on their way out of Iraq," ministry's spokesman Marty Natalegawa told a news conference.

Earlier, a tape broadcast by Indonesia's Metro TV showed female reporter Meutya Hafid, 26, and cameraman Budiyanto, 38, with a militant who in an unofficial translation appeared to be saying the pair had been freed.

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niveau van nosnieuws teletext is hoog:
zie dit toch;
SBY heeft gezegd dat indonesie ook een moslimland is...
verslaggeving van een nogal kleuterniveau (sorry kleuters)

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