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Hello member/visitor of,

I have a question to you all, since 1982 or so, it is not possible to adopt children from Indonesia. How do you think about adoption ? Do you think it's good or bad , and why do you think this? At this moment i am a boardmember of Asalsaya, the dutch organisation for adoptees from Indonesia (also check and i am looking for some input for some discussions i want to organize for our members.

I am adopted in 1975 from Semarang by the way.


Joris Maas Emoticon: Smile

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Hi photografer yth.,

I was in attempt to answer your topic but always somethings came across.
If adaption is done out of pure selfishness from a Dutch couple then this is not just, but I think one should look at the circumstances of the child to be adoptive.
It is probably cheaper (a Dutch argument ?) and more practical to let the child stay, as possible, in his/her home country.
Especially nowadays, the Dutch gouvernment is almost legalizing economic
dicrimination of people from other continents to Europe !!!
What about those Dutch immigrants that went to the U.S.A/Canada/Australia/South-Africa ???
Is global politiscm dominated by western standards ???
Whilst the western world do know that real economic growth will come globaly
if they want to invest in poverty.
I am sorry for the previous, but this is a heavy load on my mind !!!

Therefore I find it hard to say, to make a personal point of view on this matter; in short I have seen good and bad examples !!!

Greets .... Anis.

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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hello fotograaf2004,
sorry,but I see the reply of Anis and I thought by myself,though it's quit some time ago that you send your mssge,to give a short comment.
People in the western world who intend to adopt are good people,because they show their heart feeling.As I am not from that western world,I would advise everybody who like to help children wherever in the world.Adopt those poor children in their native country.Go and see them,a few times a year.Maybe it's better to do that,instead of taking those poor children away from their roots.
With your help ,when they are grown up,they will have the knowledge to help their mother countries. Emoticon: Yes!
Hormat saya

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Therefore I find it hard to say, to make a personal point of view on this matter; in short I have seen good and bad examples !

Anis Yth,
I agree with your opinion.It is not an easy topic.
Fifteen years I grew up in belanda(sorry not as an adopted child)
But that time ,I remember very well,was hard.
Hormat saya

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dear all,

In my opinion for adoption thing, if the Dutch people who do the adoption mean well and there is some kind of 'watcher' to see that the children are not abused, I just say it's fine. It's better for the children than living here and end up on the street and doing criminal things.
That's my opinion.


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I am adopted myself too (in 1978) from Madiun and have had a good experience with it! I always have been very thankful I was brought to the parents I have here now.

I do have to add though that I was adopted at a young age. I have always been healthy, and I am provided with a good set of brains, wich helped me a lot to adapt in this society (the Dutch in my case) and also made it possible to follow higher education wich led to many oppotunities for me. Also I grew up in Amsterdam, a city with many "coloured" pepole. I did not stood out as much as I would have done in a small village in the east. Another important factor for the succes was, that my parents did not adopt me because they couldn't get children themselves (which can lead to a lot of stress and pressure on the adopted child; hope not to offend anyone here. I am not saying that you should not adopt if you cannot have your own, but I mean I that you always should be sure you are adopting for the right reasons and consider the implications and put your own emotions in place in the process)-.
Furthermore, my parents have been happily married for over 35 years, so I grew up in a stable environment.

I think adoption is not bad at all. However it should only take place in the right (social) environment with parents (or a parent) who are stable, both physically and mentally.

With regards to Anis' comment about economic discrimination I would like to say that adoption is not quite the same as immigration from other continents into europe. As far as I can understand it (and have experienced it), a child is considered a dutch citizen once it is adopted. But I may have misunderstood the message... Adoption can be viewed from an (global) economic perspective of course, but in my eyes global economic implications should never be the reason to adopt or not to adopt anyway, as adopting a child is a far too personal matter.


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Adaption is a serious matter

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On 23-02-2006 03:05 indrawati wrote:
I As far as I can understand it (and have experienced it), a child is considered a dutch citizen once it is adopted.

Unfortunately it isn't. I know a few mixed Indonesian-Dutch couples who adopted a child in Indonesia and are facing a hard time already for years to get the right papers, etc. for the nationality for their child.

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I think we should be careful with this issue. In Holland a couple that adopts a foreign kid will be checked quite well, but I guess this will not be the case in every country. So it makes sense for Indonesia to be careful about allowing adoption or not.

On the other hand I have the impression that the Indonesian government does not forbid adoption because of the well being of the child. Iím afraid other motives, like national prestige, are the main reason for this.

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Adoption row roils Jakarta

A four-year-old boy is at the center of a trafficking case that has heightened scrutiny on Asian adoption.

The Indonesian government has made adoption more difficult. Maybe this is done to curb illegal adoption children trade which I think could be an immoral business form if you look at the cases in which the adoption are taking place without consent of the parents. But these meassures seem to be counter-productive: the difficulties caused by governmental policies in some cases allmost forces adoptive parents to take illegal action

But in general to leave your child for adoption is often done because of poverty or because of an unmarried pregnancy. If it is done out of poverty it would be better to support the biological parents financialy in the upbringing rather than increase their suffering by taking a child away. In the past often the (uneducated) biological parents did not exactly know what the legal consequences were of their action.
In case of unmarried pregnancies, If the shame (or the pressure of the family) for the girl is to big, I don't think that adoption abroad is worse than adoption in Indonesia. In both ways the mother suffers. The child could be better of in the western world in terms of material and education, but that should not be the key criteria I think. It all depends on the treatment of the child by the new parents, and the difficulties the child will meet in his live, if it will be happy or not...

Below the criteria for adoptive parents in Indonesia:

Government Criteria for Prospective Adopters Prospective adoptive parents will need to meet the following requirements:

-Couples must be between 30 - 45 years of age
- Married for a minimum of 5 years
- Resident in Indonesia for at least 2 years with a permit issued by the local authorities (Rukun Tetangga, Rukun Warga, Kelurahan, Kecamatan), and a letter from the Embassy in Jakarta (a statement of Domicile)
- Couples can be either childless, have one of their own children or have previously adopted an Indonesian child
- Believe in God
- Both parents must appear at the Court hearing
- The adoptive child must be less than 5 years old
- The adoptive child must be in the care of a registered and authorized social welfare organization
- Recent legislation also stipulates that an adoptive child must be of the same religion as the adoptive parents. Where the religion of the child's natural parents is not known, the child will be deemed to be Muslim.

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Does anyone know a website where Indonesian children can find their biological parents?

Kind regards, Laura

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