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Survey: 'Most Indonesians agree to have nuclear power plant'
Published on 23 November 2012 16:32
A latest survey shows that the majority of Indonesians agree with plan to develop nuclear energy to better guarantee power supply in the country.
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aaand here we go way to fool the public.
First come up with an imaginary poll to make the reading public feel they should abide the majority "result".
Even if the majority has NO CLUE about all aspects of nuclear energy.
So that slowly , a law is passed to allow a nuclear plant to be placed in your province 'because the majority has voted thus".

Given that RI has the MOST and often most SEVERE earthquakes and/or eruptions on this planet (with Tsunamis at coast lines) the RI is the LEAST fit place to have a nuke reactor.
ESPECIALLY with all oil and unexplored gas reserves around.

And Of course, common international practice is it to place that cursed N.Plant not close to where the demand is (Jakarta) but near an unfriendly neighbour (East Timor, PNG, near the border with Kuching).
Mark my words... Emoticon: Cooool

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Oh, and not to forget: Nuke would RI solve that ?
With so much sea around RI ...nobody will notice dumping a shit - excuseme - ship load of waiste in the Banda sea close to Ambon... Emoticon: Shut up!

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nuclear waste won't be a problem, the baso sellers will happily take care of that....

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