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I'm looking for information about the fights between TNI and the dutch KNIL in august 1950 in Ujung Pandang. At that time I was living there in that period on the "Klapperlaan" ( Samboeng Djawa ). I was told that lots of people were killed during these fights.

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Johan,

The best place to find out about these fights would be local, but you could also possibly find out via the University of Leiden. They specialise in Indonesian studies.

There website is http://www.letteren.leidenuniv(...)ndex.php3?m=48&c=185



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August 1950? I think you got the year wrong. In december 1949 the sovereignity was handed over by the Dutch to the state Republik Indonesia Serikat. In July 1950 the KNIL was officialy disbanded.The last military actions were in december 1948 and mostly exclusively on Java. After the arrest of the king of Bone and several other raja, Makassar and Sulawesi were already "pacified" in 1946. After that there were no major fights as to my knowledge. Makassar was even the capital of the in december 1946 constructed state of Eastern Indonesia (Negara Indonesia Timur).
The last possibility is fights between the KNIL and invading Japanese in 1942 but that was in february. See

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Beste Johan,

Op 5/8/1950 werd een APRIS (Indon. strijdkrachten) officier neergeschoten bij een van de kazernes van de (Ambonese) ex!-KNIL (zojuist ontbonden) eenheden. Gevolg: 4 dagen zware strijd tussen ex-KNIL en 'pemoeda' en APRIS en verwoesting van deel van Makassar, tussen 2000 en 3000 doden.

Meer details ook over de voorgeschiedenis in Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung's "From the Formation of the State of East Indonesia towards the establishment of the United States of Indonesia" pag. 778 e..v.

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Sorry, forgot the forum is in English. Just read Anak Agung's book . (From the formation of the Sate of East Indonesia etc) page 778 etc.. for details on the history and events of August 1950 in Makassar which my family had just left. Luckily so, as I understand the street where we lived (Galesong), close to Stella Maris was shot up during the fighting

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jonerikhag, I like to confirm your writing in re.Makassar 5/8/1950.Its true what you have written -my spouse told me that after reading JohanKoenraads article dtd. 25-01-2005. My spouse used to live across the "ALHAMBRA" movie theatre= Samboeng Djawa=Klapperlaan.She remembered that behind her family's house was a large Ambonese kamp towards the ocean direction.The APRIS officer was shot between the two Moluccan kamps.On that particular day the APRIS tried to intimidate the Moluccan ex-KNIL soldiers by parading through the street with their soldiers and armored carriers -between the two kamps.After the episode all hell broke loose in Makassar.
On the left of the housing project she used to live in was a Kampong,which was burned down during the fighting--Johan,maybe you remember that!!

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I'm not sure in regard to the year so I might be mistaken. I believe that during this period there still was a large KNIL force present in Makassar area. This consisted largely of Moluccan members. An 'uncle' of mine, Captain Andi Azis from Sulawesi , was about to transfer from the KNIL to the TNI and was also based in Makassar. He was approached by, I believe Dr. Soumokil the later president of the RMS, because there was a TNI force on it's way to Makkasar and they asked him to take the lead in confronting the TNI. He accepted the offer and the moluccan KNIL soldiers under the command of Azis kept the TNI form coming a shore. This was in fact the first upraising against the new Republic Indonesia. Azis was later sentenced en spent quite some years in prison for what has become knwon as the 'Azis Affair' Maybe this is what you remember.

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