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but Kinanti Pinta, this section is 'Nederlandstalig', which means 'in Dutch', so... it's a bit weird to talk in english. But anyways, the one that started this thread, is discussing his/her view (as a mollucan) on javanese people.

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Hee, forumbot waar blijf je, eerst interressant doen en dan wegwezen????

I tell a lot of stories I have heard elsewhere

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On 07-04-2004 22:12 victor wrote:
Hee, forumbot waar blijf je, eerst interressant doen en dan wegwezen????

Forumbot is een gekopieerd bericht, of een bericht van een verwijderde user.

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'Potong di kuku rasa di daging ...'

Dear unkown Moluccan girl/woman ......

'Why do want to bring about such a sensitive matter: 'You being a Moluccan girl/woman neglecting your own culture background(s) and praizing Javalins above Moluccans ?'
How come someone like you, is doing this ?
Is it because of your personal experience(s) with fellow Moluccans, or is it because of your personal relationship with a Javalin or something(s) else ......
'Why are you so vague about your personal background(s).
Is 'Lesmana' right or are you afraid of bringing about the Javalin-Moluccan issue in the open, by not mentioning your personal background.
I myself, as a fellow Moluccan, I am not into ethnocentrism of any kind, be it Javalin or Moluccan.
I want to remark that Sukarno is a Javalin, but ..... Wiranto and Suharto are Javalins too, so is mr. Wahid and the great mr. Munir, who took a brave stand against the role of the army in the religious conflict within the Moluccas province.
The matter is that the situation in nowadays INDOnesia is not a Moluccas-Jawa conflict !!!! It is not a question of 'we' and 'they' but of the system within INDOnesia itself !!!!

Alkisah 1 further .... to 2....

'Ahu kura ahia, mansia nia'

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