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I prefer to "invest" in a small "real estate" .

Gubuk mungil or R.S.S ( Rumah Sederhana - Sekali)

bisa dicek of makemyday .

Pak Pupyes
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On 16-11-2011 08:09 Surya Atmadja wrote: I prefer to "invest" in a small "real estate"

What an excellent advice! And BB followed upon it, even before you wrote it down. And now he wants to sell...


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The reason I will put the deposit in the RI, is the tax evading possiblities in the RI.
In the Ri, I only have to pay the taxes automatically deducted from my saving acc.
And thats far more less that my wealth taxes here.
To prevent double taxes between countries, by agreement we do not have to pay
taxes again in The Netherlands.

As I do own shares already , I do not want to suffer again due to the financial crises.
So buying more shares is not an option.

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I do not want "R.S.S" as sugested by Mr. S.A.
As I will only stay, lets say, a couple of months in the R.I I prefer to stay at an apartment.
So security is available even the cost will be higher ( maintenance for pool, satpam expenses etc.).


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