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My girlfriend and I are going to Indonesia on 31th of july till 29th august.We will start in Sumatra in Medan and travel to Padang. From there we will go to makassar en travel to Palu. We have read a very interesting trip that a couple made form makassar to Dongola. This is the route they made with the planning

Day 1:
Makassar: visit fort Rotterdam, Paotere harbour and realx
day 2:
Sengkang: near lake tempe making boottrip visit village
day 3:
Tana Toraja: via Marante via Rantepao tor Lemo (rockgraves) goning to. Kambira babytree. going to Kete (Kesu) nice traditional village back
day 4:
going to Bori going to Batu Tumonga large mountain Norht of Rantepao. Via northside up, down via southside going to Tikala. going to Nanggala. .
day 5: going to Palopo: going to Rda for crocodile farm. going to Tentena: big lively market going to Tando bono
day 6: Poso, Dollai, Torue, Parigi, Palu, Dongola

stay Removed to prevent your adress from being spammed. Click this to go to the user profile. Dongola till 28th af august for flight back home (could be 2 nights or 5 nights, depends of when we arrive in Makassar to start our journey in Sulawesi)

We do not know exactly when we arrive in Makassar . We think around 15 of august maybe bit earlier maybe bit later. Depends on how long we stay on Sumatra. So we hope we can make some booking somewhere a few days before we land in MAkassar.

We are looking for a Private driver/guide to do the trip.

We hope soeone of you have some nice tips and knows a nice guide.

We hope to hear from you.

Gr. Mechteld and Rob

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Hi Gr. Mechtrld and Rob,

Suggest you contact Dodo a driver/guide ( a good friend of mine since 2005 - met him in 2006) who speaks very good English and lives in Makassar.
Here is a link to his blogspot
On his website it says south Sulawesi, but he will be able to suggest another driver/guide if he is unable to do it.

Alternatively you could contact Daud another great contact who lives in Tana Toraja and takes travellers on tour.
Daud is well travelled and takes travellers as far as Papua and every year has a couple of groups from Europe to take through Sulawesi.
Check his website ( made by a traveller friend)

Do not book any tours for Sulawesi over the internet ( not including the above suggestions) because there have been reports on LP Thorn Tree about scams.
Check here
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