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Dear Forum People

As a permanent guest in Indonesia it is for me like most people a struggle to get a descent internet connection.
I am interested in experience from other people with their provider and who they think is the best from all.
Keep in mind that i need a lot off traffic so a package of a few GB is already not a real option for me. i will give my top list based on my location Yogyakarta , i would like to see more top lists :-)

  • Smart average1Mbps (advertising with 3.1 Mbps) Unlimitted (true) IDR 140.000 (many maintenance causing disconnections)

  • Indosat 600kbps / 6Gb qouta IDR 200.000 (stable) (spamming own customers by inserting javascript in pages requested causing a floating banner on the right)

  • Telkomsel 3.1 Mbps / 4Gb qouta IDR 400.00 (stable)

  • Axis 384 kbps / 5Gb qouta IDR 150.000 (stable in weekdays , a no go on sunday due to high traffic) (unlimited only per day purchase IDR 15.000)

  • 3 , XL a no go (bad connections, slow connections , downtime)

  • fred uk
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    Smart is good when it works but that's not often.
    Indoasat IM2 isn't at all bad if you want emails/forums and such.
    Their IM3 works but is expensive as you get just 400mb for Rp100,000.
    (their other advantage is they simple go slow at the end of your quota rather than getting expensive)
    XL aren't as good as IM3 and seem to be about the same price.
    Can't comment on Telkom or Axis.

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