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yes..we lost connection
my email account freezed
but i know that she was going to this collage :

i wonder if this collage has its own email system for the students
so i ll try to find her using that email

is there anyone who can help me about this ?

thx in advance.. Emoticon: Smile

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I am confused - you must know her email address so why not make a new email for yourself and email her. - easy.
Or you must have her mobile no. send her a text.

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well..i didnt remember her email address
and i cant look at it from my email ,,because my email account is freezed so i cant use it now

maybe she already sent me many emails.. :(

pamela please can u check this collage page if u know indonesian ?
im sure there must be an email page for student
but i couldnt find it...even google translator couldnt help me for this

please..waiting for your helps...

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Are you sure it is a website for a college?
Sorry I do not understand Indonesian.
Where is the College she is going to? Jakarta, Bandung .......

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Just sent the link to one of my Indonesian friends... will let you know.

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thank you very much Emoticon: Smile
im feeling better now...

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still no news :(

Isn't there anyone who knows indonesian
please...i miss my friend too much

User icon of Yerun
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The website you gave is not a website of a college, so it is quite difficult to find someone, especially if you only give a website and no name or other details for us to look for. Did you try Facebook? It's very popular in Indonesia, so maybe her name can be found there.

Ho Lee Fuk

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ahh..ok yerun...thanks...
of course i tried facebook...if its not a website of a college, then i should find some other way i guess

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No news from my friend.

I want to know why your email address is frozen. You can try to get in and then if you do not have the password then you request a new one to an alternative email address.

And you never left an email address on this site either.

Thinking about all of this now, feels very very strange to me.
If she was your friend I would think you would have her other details like Face Book, mobile no. All those things are common these days.


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well its ok if u dont hv any news from ur friend.
thanks for ur trying pamela...

and i dont know why it feels strange to you but i can tell the details of the story

well...we met on omegle and gave each other our msn
after that we were just talkin on msn...she dont hv facebook..i dont know her mobile no cuz we were in different countries and i wont gonna call her anyway

and her msn address is not in my was saved in my frozen msn account

now,, on the one hand im tryin to reach her another mail or account through any site (like this)

on the other, im trying to unfreeze my msn account

well...thats the thing...maybe it can feels a little strange ,,but after that,,
i ll totally gonna save important ppl's addresses to another location too

PS : the problem is not solved yet ... :(
if you are reading this and you think that you can help me , so pls...

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