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On 07-12-2004 11:05 budowono1 wrote:
yes that may be so but when i sayd great uncle i ment great in name .
for i ment great as in tarific brave. not great in the context as in my grandfathers brother. and yes actualy my grand father was a Catholic chinees.i give the blame of my uncles deaths to the dutch militairy cause they where the once that actualy killed them in batle.
Japan just gave the orders ti go to the batle field.
i was always thaught that the once that where arested by the Romusha and killed where traytors and counter revolutionairies that seported the colony.

perhaps oom Danci blew up a Kl convoy( it was a dutch convoy)
asfar as that maters to me KNIL KL its the same it was both indies-infantry i wasnt bron yet so i could have mistaken.

as for the dates and places.
oom ado died in mojokerto 1944 he was 16 than.
Oom Danci died blowing up a dutch convoi 1948.
oom eddy died 1947 in Surabaya as pelopor.
oom johny died in makasar 1943.
oom harto died on a japanese troup ship 1945
oom yohanes died in jakarta 1948
oom Leo was killed by mester jansen in 1942 wich was the reason for my grand father to kill Mr jansen.
oom Jonah died in Jakarta 1942 he was 13 and tentara pemuda.
oom erwin died 1948 in a dutch camp
oom Tommy died also at the dutch camp 1948 he was 17

Thats sad man sorry to hear aboud your family
sounds like you have alot of greath it's good to write and shear your emotion so you wont go cazy in your mind good luck budowono

stacy Soetardjo

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